Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its been a very long time since i haven't reported in this blog i don't even remember when i have had posted last time.Well i was really busy with my exams and all the other stuff.I have tried many times to post but something fussy happened and it diverted me doing so.During winter's it was damn fun i had sown many different varieties of seeds and bulbs i had even planted tulips and some other exotic bulbs i will surely post about tulips and hyacinths some other day.Its spring here but it feels like summer, gosh i have already lost a few couple of plants.Many of the seeds which i had sown in october are flowering now.The one which you are seeing below is clarkia its blooming like crazily,though i had sown a pack of mixed color seeds but only pink popped out so far but it doesn't matter.

 I can never ever forget the sweet,mind boggling smell of these beautiful flowers....I just can't get enough of phlox they have come up in many different shades and pattern's.I had sown three different brands of phlox seeds Namdhari,Pocha and Bhavani.Namdhari seeds are worth a try in fact they are more than a worth..pocha seeds sucks......

                                                                       The star phlox

The pic below is of phlox drummondii series grown from Bhavani seeds..

P.S. Stay connected.. back to nature is back with a bang! Lots to blog about.. Till then Happy Gardening :)


  1. Beautiful blooms!! Thanks for the ID about the photo I had posted. i'm glad I know what it's called now!

  2. Thanks for your helpful comment on my blog! I sure love the phlox...ESP. the star phlox!!! I wonder if it would grow here...gonna check it out! Thanks again!