Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its been a very long time since i haven't reported in this blog i don't even remember when i have had posted last time.Well i was really busy with my exams and all the other stuff.I have tried many times to post but something fussy happened and it diverted me doing so.During winter's it was damn fun i had sown many different varieties of seeds and bulbs i had even planted tulips and some other exotic bulbs i will surely post about tulips and hyacinths some other day.Its spring here but it feels like summer, gosh i have already lost a few couple of plants.Many of the seeds which i had sown in october are flowering now.The one which you are seeing below is clarkia its blooming like crazily,though i had sown a pack of mixed color seeds but only pink popped out so far but it doesn't matter.

 I can never ever forget the sweet,mind boggling smell of these beautiful flowers....I just can't get enough of phlox they have come up in many different shades and pattern's.I had sown three different brands of phlox seeds Namdhari,Pocha and Bhavani.Namdhari seeds are worth a try in fact they are more than a worth..pocha seeds sucks......

                                                                       The star phlox

The pic below is of phlox drummondii series grown from Bhavani seeds..

P.S. Stay connected.. back to nature is back with a bang! Lots to blog about.. Till then Happy Gardening :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

flowering bulbs

                                                              paper white narcissus
Paper white is another easy bulb to grow in warm climates very tolerant of poor soil and does not care whether planted in sun, semi shade and even full shade. And if that is not all, it does not mind drought as well and an easy bulb to store for the next season.A perfect bulb to try which is very fragrant with a pungent smell.
Dahlias are my damn favorite flower's i prefer to grow both single and double dahlias. 
Dahlias are my favorite flowers since my childhood.I remember when i was 10 i went to a nursery with my parents and i saw one beautiful purple color dahlia there that was the first time i saw dahlia flower and i called it purple sunflower and i asked my parents to buy it but sadly they didn't.
                                                                                cactus flowered dahlia

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

                                                                  Asiatic lily                                                                                          

 This is the first year of asiatic lily in my garden and its doing pretty well,i bought 3 bulbs out of which only one came to flowering next year will surely buy more bulbs.asiatics are quite easy to grow needs minimal care.

muscari hyacinth i bought these few months back and now it has grown quite big and the container is filled this time with many small sprouts.

                                                                linum charmer mix

                                                                    godetia sugar plum
godetia is one the most beautiful flower in my garden i really like the color and pattern of the flower i had sown other varieties of the godetia too but they didnt do well.